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Records of Note: March 2010

March 3, 2010

This will be a good month for new releases interesting to me personally. Maybe they interest you too?

The Winter of Mixed Drinks

March 9th:
Frightened RabbitThe Winter of Mixed Drinks (Fat Cat)

Twee pop rock from — you’ll never guess! — Scotland. Their last album The Midnight Organ Fight was eventually my favourite of 2008, though it took a long time for me to warm up to it. I’m pumped for this.

March 22nd:
Drunkdriver – s/t (Load)

I got interested in Drunkdriver as a result of a shot-in-the-dark recommendation. Whatever algorithm they’re using to figure this shit out is way more accurate than any record store employee boyfriend, because this band is right up my alley. They’re sleazy and loud and (probably?) fit into the more aggressive corners of weird punk. I’m hoping against hope that they’ll be part of OBEY IV.

March 30th:
Greg MacPhersonMr. Invitation (Smallman)
Old Man LuedeckeMy Hands Are On Fire and Other Love Songs (Black Hen Music)

My Hands Are On Fire

Yay, Canadian folk music!

I haven’t actually heard much Greg MacPherson but everybody says I’d like his stuff if I gave it a chance. Herohill has an early review and the album sounds promising, so I plan to check it out.

Old Man Luedecke was my favourite thing about SappyFest ’09 and even my mom likes him, so I’m eager to hear this. He’s also doing a bunch of touring in the coming months, including a stop at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre here in Fredericton on May 1st. Other shows include stops in Sackville, Halifax, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and some shows in New England.


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