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Relevant To Your Interests #37

March 11, 2010

    SXSW 2010

  • The annual SXSW conference of music and technology and film and culture and pretty much everything awesome about life is kicking off tomorrow morning in Austin, Texas, with most of the music-y things happening later next week. I’m really glad I don’t get to go because because I can’t stand crowds and standing for long periods.
  • Canadian Music Week is happening this week in Toronto. I’m glad I’m not at that either, because I also really hate road trips and seeing bands. Yeah, that’s right.
  • Related: Gunshy favourites METZ are now MuchMusic-approved, as they squeaked into The New Music’s list of ten unmissable bands playing CMW.
  • Noiseography is a Halifax-based blog of show pics, videos, and reviews. They have good taste and post photos like this one:
  • Tomcat Combat

  • The ECMAs happened in Sydney last weekend. Our girl Aimee has commentary and a bunch of sweet photos up on Junnnktank.
  • Snow is gradually receding from bike lanes across the country, we (for some reason) set our clocks ahead this Sunday, and that means Record Store Day 2010 will soon be upon us! Lots of labels and artists are announcing special releases to encourage you to get the fuck off the internet and visit your local independent music retailer on April 17th. Of the things I’ve heard about so far, I’m most interested in a Sub Pop compilation of tracks recorded at their 20th anniversary show last summer. The Constantines, Eric’s Trip, Obits, Flight of the Conchords, Mudhoney, and Pissed Jeans are all included.
  • While the Halifax Pop Explosion searches for a new Executive Director, their 2010 website launched this week. The dates for this year’s festival are October 19-23. If your band wants to play, get the pertinent info here.
  • Do you like Bad Religion? It’s cool, you’re not alone. You can sign up for the band’s mailing list here and sometime in “late spring” they’ll hook you up with a free live album being recorded as BR wheeze their way around SoCal in the coming weeks.
  • Kurt Cobain - SPIN

  • Remember spending your allowance on Wishbook-sized music magazines when you were in jr. high school, because both of those things existed? Turns out it was kind of a waste, because now you can get every issue of SPIN magazine ever printed (at least up to October of 2009) for free on Google Books. That’s actually pretty awesome. Here’s one with total dreamboat Kim Deal on the cover, and here’s the one following Kurt Cobain’s suicide.
  • Blogging about blogging: Pitchfork gave the Pavement reissue collection (definitely not a “greatest hits,” you guys) a 10 out of 10. Newsy!
  • Here is a video for “Transformer” by Seth Smith, who you may know as the guitarist from Dog Day. Seth’s album New Problems is available via Zunior.
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