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Saturday Videos: Henry Rollins

March 20, 2010

Henry Rollins

Beefcake photo circa 1983, via Flicr user sixthstation

This evening I’m going to Moncton to see Henry Rollins talk at the Capitol Theatre. Henry used to be in LA hardcore band Black Flag in the early 80s, I think he still plays in the Rollins Band, founded and runs his own independent publishing house and record label, was the host of The Henry Rollins Show on IFC, and probably has a laundry list of other accomplishments I haven’t even heard about. Old straight edge dudes are always really prolific.

To psych myself up for this I finally picked up a copy of Get in the Van and have been steadily plugging through it for far longer than it should be taking. A month in the life of moody,twenty-something Hank isn’t the best way to unplug on a break at work or tuck yourself in at night. However, if I should ever become an insane person and decide to Greyhound it from the Maritimes to the sunshine coast, this would be the ideal book to bring a long. Noted.

According to a recent interview in The Coast, Henry’s current set includes a lot of material about women and relationships. It’s called The Frequent Flier tour, so I hoped he’d be sharing travel LOLs and WTFs, but at least he’s not wondering out loud what the deal is with those sad little bags of airline pretzels.

Henry on VBS.Tv’s Soft Focus with Ian Svenonius:
Full interview here

Henry vs Iggy Pop:
Part 2 | Part 3

The Rollins Band’s Grammy Award-winning video for “Liar.” The 90s sure were a strange time in mainstream music.

This is the first Black Flag song I ever heard. They used to play it once in a great while on Power 30 on MuchMusic. Another moment of silence, please, for “The Nation’s Music Station.”

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