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Relevant To Your Interests #039

April 8, 2010
Riot Grrrl

Suck My Left One!

  • Jessica Hopper (SPIN, This American Life, The Girls’ Guide To Rocking, probably other things) has had enough of all the 90s riot grrrl nostalgia. “If you think ‘angry women in punk’ is a faction that has somehow receded, or that L7 in it’s day was some how better than the generation of women now in all manner or metal bands–you have gotten too far removed from the action.” She’s got a point, you guys.

    I like to remember my high school years as though I wasn’t miserable and suicidal as much as the next person, but nobody wants to turn into a baby boomer when it comes to wanking nostalgic about how great music used to be and how shitty it is now. There’ve been a couple of books and films in the last little while championing the riot grrrl movement, and it’s very easy to then look around and wonder what the fuck happened to all that energy. It becomes frustrating because I still more or less live in the sticks and the 7″ bin at my local record store tends to contain far more used Kenny Loggins and Hall and Oats 45s than Mika Miko singles. I don’t have Sassy Magazine to alert me to interesting (and cute) bands like I did in 1994, so I don’t know where I’m not looking. A lot of music blogs are like, “This week on American Idol…” or, “Here are 10,000 record reviews for you to wade though in hopes of finding one that reads like you might like to hear the thing its describing.” Help?
  • The Sled Island Music Festival‘s lineup is lookin’ mighty good. Airfare from the Maritimes to Calgary in late June: significantly less awesome.
  • Corin Tucker (she of Heavens to Betsy, Sleater Kinney, probably other things) is recording what she calls a “middle aged mom record” for release via Kill Rock Stars later this year. She also says, “I think some of the songs are in the [Sleater-Kinney] ballpark. It’s definitely my voice and my songwriting style. But like I said, it’s different instrumentation on some of the songs and a different collaboration.”
  • Speaking of Kill Rock Stars, they have a sampler for free download here. The tracklist includes Elliott Smith, [The] Gossip, The Thermals, Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, and The Decemberists.
  • The Hold Steady have a new album coming out next month. In the mean time, they’re streaming some new songs over on their MySpace.
  • The Buzzcocks are touring, including shows in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. I’ll go, but only if they alternate between “Love Battery” and “What Do I Get” for 45 minutes.
  • Hey, here’s a video from DD/MM/YYYY!
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