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Relevant To Your Interests #040

April 22, 2010

You Say Party! We Say Die!

  • The drummer from west coast dance punks You Say Party! We Say Die! collapsed on stage in Vancouver last Friday. 30-year-old Devon Clifford was shortly diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage and died early Sunday morning after surgery proved unsuccessful.
  • Halifax’s OBEY Convention released their full schedule this week. Highlights include an early Saturday night show at the Bus Stop Theatre with Dog Day, Holy Cobras, and Cold Warps, followed by US Girls and Homostupids at the Kyber later that night. There’s lots more going on that weekend, including a free BBQ brought to you by your friends at Weird Canada. Divorce Records’ website has the scoop.
  • The folks behind Sappy Fest have already announced some of the headliners of this year’s edition of the indiest festival that ever indied. The Sadies, Holy Fuck, Chad VanGaalen, Jim Guthrie, and The Felice Brothers will take the stage in Sackville over the August long weekend, maybe even more than once if history is any indicator. Right now you can also get in on limited early bird weekend passes for $50 via TicketPro. I snoozed and ended up getting last-minute tickets for Sappy ’09 and I think it cost a little more than that for a single day pass by then, so this is a sweet deal for sure.
  • Courtney Love wants you to call her Courtney Michelle from now on, darling.
  • DC’s 9:30 Club is turning 30 this year. The Washington Post has a cool interactive slideshow and video clips, including interviews with some of the usual notables about the legendary venue. Ian could do with a haircut, looks like.
  • NPR album streams: The Hold Steady and Broken Social Scene.
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  • So it turns out the Nova Scotia government fronted nearly a million dollars to bring Paul McCartney to the Commons last summer. Don’t worry though, the McDonald’s on Quinpool was a bloody zoo that day, so it was worth it.
  • Here’s Frightened Rabbit performing (what I gather is) the single from their recent album The Winter of Mixed Drinks on a beach in Australia.

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