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Relevant To Your Interests #041

April 29, 2010

Long Live The Queen

  • Halifax is soon to be home to yet another upstart music festival. The inaugural edition of Long Live the Queen is a music and arts shindig happening over the Victoria Day long weekend. Organized by Halifax artists and including mainly east coast bands, the lineup still manages to boast an impressive roster of performers at the series of 19+ and all ages shows, including Julie Doiron, Myles Deck and the Fuzz, Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees, Jenocide, and the comedy stylings of Picnicface. Top tip: we heard fans of North of America, The Kestrels, and VKNGS should attend Union of the Snake‘s debut performance Friday night at Gus’ Pub.
  • MIA‘s new video for “Born Free” is KINDA CONTROVERSIAL, if you haven’t heard. I’ve put off watching it because I’m not a huge fan of MIA in the first place and I also have a soft spot for gingers. I guess it’s pretty brutal, with red headed kids getting shot in the face and tortured what not. WTF. The person who writes Pitchfork Reviews Reviews (yes, that’s a thing) had some good commentary and wondered if there was “a shark inside the huge tank of water that MIA jumped over on her motorcycle yesterday?” Sure, SHOCKING VIDEO is SHOCKING, but I was glad to learn I wasn’t the only one cynically speculating on how MIA came to overtake Pitchfork’s Twitter account on Monday.
  • “We’re The Weakerthans, We’re from Winnipeg” is a feature-length documentary about your favourite national treasure. No word on plans for a wide release, but the film will debut on May 8th at the Globe Theatre in Winnipeg.
  • BBC Radio One aired a one hour audio documentary titled The Story of Epitaph about the California record label on Monday night. You have until next Monday to stream it here.
  • Everyone come quickly, Chuck Klosterman has an opinion about Beck’s “Loser” video!
  • This week in Celebrity Twit-Slaps: Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham vs Stars; Billy Corgan vs Courtney Love. I sure don’t like it when Mom and Dad fight. :(
  • Gavin from Street Carnage has it out with Tony Buzzcock re: the kids today. To wit:
  • Sorry Gav, but, I just stood and watched Vampire Weekend from onstage for the entire set. Seriously, lose the “only fuddy duddys don’t like the new happening bands” stuff. They were absolute FUCKING UNMITIGATED SHIT.

  • The Wooden Wives are a rock and roll combo from Saint John, New Brunswick. They don’t play outside their home town nearly enough, but here’s a video of them in front of Backstreet Records’ Port City location a few weeks back as part of Record Store Day happenings:
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