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PEI Scene Report #007

May 5, 2010

April happened and I missed it. I think I went to one show of note the entire month and then ate chips, stayed home and slept the rest of the time. My birthday is coming up and I’m tired.

May is here though!  Currently, I am nothing but a public servant with a 9-to-5 job, but this month I am getting laid off and going on vacation to somewhere hot (ew). I had hoped Charlottetown would stay quiet in my absence but of course, two of my favourite bands are playing at two of my favourite spots during that time. Of course.

Dog Day

Dog Day photo by Aimee Power

First band to break my heart: Dog Day
A heavy statement, but Dog Day is my current favourite band and the fact that I am missing them… sucks. I love them because they seem to be upfront and straightforward and they sure as fuck don’t try too hard to be your friend. Which is all I am looking for in any relationship in my life. They’re playing with local dudes The Danks, who win my personal award of ‘best album name’ for their first full-length release titled Are You Afraid of the Danks?. Go see ’em at Hunter’s Ale House on May 28th. A Friday no less!

Second heartbreakers: Rah Rah
I’ve spouted out my love for this cutie-pie praririe band in the past, but they’ve thrown together a new album and I WANT IT.They are playing two shows with New Royalty in Charlottetown and I can’t go to either. Who is picking me up a CD?


Share photo by Aimee Power

I do get to see one exciting show the night before I leave to go to the USA to get a sunburn. This one is a no-brainer:  The Sleepless Nights, The Death Avengers, and Share.  Pleading and convincing not necessary. See you there.


  • Molly Rankin‘s She EP exists and from the tracks I’ve heard on her MySpace, it sounds heavenly. It feels rustic and vintage, sort of like Madeline Adams, and that’s the exact kind of singer-songwriter stuff I’m down with lately.
  • Did you ever think you’d see the day Taylor Swift and Slowcoaster would play the same festival? In Cavendish, no less? Yeah, me neither. Have fun in Anne’s Land, everyone.
  • Also on May 14th: an all ages show at First Baptist Church. Will English Words, Molly Rankin, Boxer the Horse, Two Hours Traffic and The Danks get you into a church? If not, may God have mercy on your soul or whatever.
  • Speaking of Boxer the Horse, they have a radical video that was shot with a Canon 5DMkII in someone’s attic or basement. I think the clean up was messy:

See you in June, when my birthday and patio beer drinking are all the rage.

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