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Relevant to Your Interests #042

May 27, 2010

    Homostupids want you to buy their records.

  • The fourth annual OBEY Convention is this weekend in Halifax! I think it officially starts today, actually. Noteworthy performers include US Girls, Homostupids, Bad Vibrations, Dog Day and lots of others I haven’t looked at too hard because I can’t even go this year. However! You can download a free 15-track sampler from the OBEY blog.
  • Hamburger Tapes is a new cassette (and-maybe-vinyl-but-definitely-not-CD) label based in Fredericton. Their first two releases will be out later this summer and both are limited to 100 copies: HT-001 is a live radio session by Mr California. I checked out his MySpace songs, and somewhere in the gaping void between Wesley Willis and Windom Earle, there is Mr California, complete with a hobo beard and a DaisyRock guitar. The second Hamburger release is a split cassette with Saint John’s favourite son Adam Mowery and 30 Year Hex. I hadn’t heard of 30 Year Hex either, but it kinda sounds like something Steve Albini would make if he lived alone in a cabin in northern New Brunswick. Anyway, I approve.
  • Related: Adam Mowery will be playing some Dead Milkmen covers this next Friday at the Sunstar Lounge in Saint John. It’s part of a fundraiser for The Tempest, an awesome (awesome, awesome) monthly zine of short stories, poetry, and visual art about the Port City, already in its sixth issue. DJ Hawk and seldom-seen dance party legend Gary Flanagan are also on the bill and the fun starts at 10.
  • There is noisey goodness afoot at The Capital in Fredericton on Friday. Play Guitar, Cop Shades, and Ghostown Belle are playing, and please go because they’re all interesting and good and have very little in common with Wintersleep. Related: Cop Shades have their EP up for free downloadin’ via SuperBob Records.
  • Myles Deck and The Fuzz are (for some reason) on tour with The Sleepless Nights. The Men With Ven Tour brings both bands from Halifax to London and back, including a stop in Fredericton next Friday, June 4th.
  • Long Live the Queen happened in Halifax last weekend! Noisography has some coverage of the Friday night show at Gus’s, with Cursed Arrows, Union of the Snake, Bike Rodeo, Myles Deck and The Fuzz, and Iron Giant. Such as:

Bike Rodeo

Union of the Snake

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