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Shut the Door

June 19, 2010

Via postfackler, via postpunk, via hardcorefornerds:

All of this is golden, but around the six minute mark there arises an intense standoff between Ian and Guy which evolves into a waltz from opposite ends of the stage, a call-and-answer of bodies.

There are a few shots of the crowd, and they’re completely transfixed. There’s no visible movement at all, and it brings further attention to what a strange spectacle is happening on the stage.

One of the most important things about Fugazi was the way in which they were able to achieve a really unique intersection of art and rock and roll. A lot of the [mostly early, mostly British] arty punk bands tried to do it, but they usually ended up just deeply concerned about their hair, and that’s why they all kind of bleed together in our collective memories.

Fugazi arrived at it almost by accident, it seems. They were just a bunch of regular dudes who thought they were in a hardcore band, and started trying some [by community standards] weirder shit. It gelled into the perfect monster you see in this video.

My very favourite thing about Fugazi, though, is that I always forget about them. I won’t listen to them for weeks or months, but then I run across them again on Shuffle™ or in a news feed, and I get to remember they’re the best band in the world.

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