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Relevant To Your Interests #043

July 1, 2010

Pitchfork announced this week that they’d soon launch a sister site, which “will focus on leftfield pop, experimental, and home-recorded sounds.” Well, whaddya know about that! It could be cool… like, if it helps folks in arty noise bands projects get more attention on the often under-appreciated work they produce, and play to more people when they tour. I mean, that could very well be the outcome, right? As usual, PitchforkReviewsReviews has insightful commentary about Altered Zones, music criticism in general, blogging in particular, and our old friend cultural hegemony.

Matador Records are throwing themselves a real corker of a 21st birthday party this fall in Vegas. It’s all your favourite stars from the 90s! Pavement! The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion! Cat Power! Superchunk! Guitar Wolf! Belle & Sebastian! Yo La Tango! Plus new friends like Fucked Up and Sonic Youth! Bob Pollard’s even gonna sober up long enough to be allowed on a commercial flight for a one-off Guided By Voices reunion!

Speaking of unchecked 90s nostalgia, this week’s edition of The AV Club’s “Undercover” series features Frightened Rabbit performing the Lemonheads’ “Confetti.” If you don’t know the original, please listen to the album it comes from. It’s A Shame About Ray is a classic of post-Replacements, 1990s indie rock.

The Dopamines’ new album Expect the Worst came out this week on It’s Alive Paper and Plastick. It’s streaming for free over at PunkNews.

Beware the deadly poke of Bono.

Touch & Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine is finally out and The Agit Reader has an early review. It sounds like what you think – gritty and proto-everything you like about the label. Most American retail sources I looked at online suggest the book is available for purchase as of this week, but the Canadian sites don’t yet have it in stock. Related: if someone could suggest an online bookseller who 1) ships from Canada; and 2) is independent; that would be SUPER.

The Georgia Straight has an interview with always smart-arsed Melvins frontman Buzz Osbourne. I’m disappointed the writer didn’t ask for Buzz-o’s response to the band recently cracking the Billboard Hot 100.

Today is Canada Day but I’m kind of mad at Canada right now, which is a lot like being angry at a an older relative for some violent, drunk-ass shit they pulled at your cousin Julie’s wedding reception. With that in mind, watch this video and hope crazy Uncle Steve gets the help he needs. Or a boot to the head. A-BOOT. Get it??? Yeah, well fuck off and go watch the fireworks or something, okay?

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