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Relevant To Your Interests #045

July 29, 2010

  • The musical component of Sappyfest happens in Sackville this weekend. There have been some minor schedule changes, so if you haven’t looked in a while, check it out again and plan accordingly. We’re happy to see METZ added to Rockets Red Glare‘s show late Saturday night at Uncle Larry’s. That’s a convenient pairing of two bands I want to see the most and it’s gonna be a barnburner. Other interesting additions include Cold Warps rocking the back of a U-Haul in various locations about town. Fabulous. I can’t wait to pick up a copy of their Endless Bummer cassette.
  • Rumours are swirling about who will take the stage at Sappy on Sunday night, as the festival usually winds down with a “secret show” and a surprise headliner. Last year it was The Constantines and friends performing a Neil Young tribute, but the most believable rumour I’ve heard this year suggests appearances by Sloan and Eric’s Trip are in the works. Will they actually perform? Will they cover each other’s songs if they do? Will I regret my plan to go home Sunday afternoon? It all seems quite possible!
  • Saint John’s Hospital Grade are releasing a 7″ as a lead-up to another full length album due later this year or early next. The single will feature “two of [their] oldest songs.” Please, please, please, let one of those be “696-1113.”
  • Why can’t mid-level touring bands make money? Venues who skim “merch rates” from tshirt and CD sales at shows. Plus, like, gas and food and accommodations and broken vans, and any number of other things. But seriously, this is the first I’ve heard of merch rates because we don’t do that to people here in New Funswick. We’re just so grateful to have anyone play here at all, really. Is it common elsewhere?
  • This week SonicConcerts confirmed the rumours we told you about a few weeks ago when they announced The Hold Steady will play at the Boyce Farmer’s Market on Saturday, October 23rd. Tickets are $22.50 and that’s actually quite reasonable. They go on sale tomorrow.
  • Well¬†OBVIOUSLY Nick Cave is re-writing The Crow.
  • Fredericton’s red-headed step children are breaking up. Rusted Dawn will play a series of farewell shows in Fredericton, Moncton, and Halifax next month.
  • Last week the CRTC announced $775k in additional funding for campus and community radio stations. Awesome, right? Well, maybe.
  • Evolve organizer Jonas Coltier was not arrested at the festival last Friday, as was rumoured earlier this week. He was, however, issued a $4,500 fine for violating Halifax’s postering bylaw. Gross. Move your increasingly successful festival out of Nova Scotia, Jonas.
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