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Dirty Poles #003

July 30, 2010

Tonight we’re throwing a CD release party for our friend The Trick to mark the official debut of his album Krautrock. Gary Flanagan is also on the bill, and this will be his first Fredericton show in several years. I trust he’ll bring saucy new wave songs about robots, mad scientists, and CANDY.

Here are some snipits of a short interview I did with Patrick earlier this week:

On why The Trick is releasing an album now:

I was a lot harder on myself in terms of settings deadlines and limitations. When you work on a solo project from home, there’s never anyone around to tell you: ‘Stop, the song is done.’

I guess I wanted to make sure I would have at least one real album to my name. So I sat down, looked at everything I’ve done in those 8 years and picked a dozen or so songs that I thought best represented what I’m doing live these days. Then I widdled those choices down to 8 songs and started work on fixing them up, remixing them, and remastering them one last time.

On why he chose to release music on CD rather than LP, cassette, 8-track tape, lightbulb, etc:

Personally, I’m a CD afficionado — not because I think they’re better than other media, but just because I’ve always had them around, they’re familiar, and they’re flexible.

Considering the investment it takes to get a vinyl master made and then duplicated (hint: they’re not cheap), I’m not sure if that would have been a risk worth taking for me at this point, where I’m making my first real release. My budget only allows me to pick one or the other, so I opted for accessibility. Even people who don’t own a CD player can at least read it with their computers or car stereos, or DVD players, or whatever else they have around.

On future projects:

I tend to come up with more ideas than I possibly have time to follow through on.

I’d also love to be in a band again someday: a big, loud one. But that kind of thing takes a lot of coordination, which I don’t have the patience for anymore, ever since I started playing on my own.

I’ve recently begun playing in a new project (we’ve called it Physics for Poets) that’s been a lot of fun. There are just three of us. I hope we can debut that later in the summer, because I think we’ve actually got a cool set of songs so far.

Krautrock is available at Backstreet Records, in the iTunes Store, and at the show tonight.

Speaking of which, here’s a taste of what you’re in for:

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