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Relevant To Your Interests #046

August 5, 2010

  • Hey, you guys might not have heard Sappyfest happened in Sackville last weekend? Team Gunshy was there, standing in line, taking naps, listening to you screw in the showers, and awkwardly forcing people to take some of our new 1″ buttons. Want one? Email us for details!!
  • We’ll be posting a feature interview with Rockets Red Glare next week, but in the mean time, Gerry has a good Sappy report over on his blog The Six Feet Under Swindle. He recounts recent shenanigans on tour with METZ and the archives are good too, with all manner of hilarious and bizarre road stories, including photos of North of America‘s van as it burned on the German Autobahn in 2003.
  • For a less METZ-centric synopsis of the festival, the author of The Sappy Times has all three editions up for downloadin’ as PDFs on Said The Gramophone.
  • CFMH in Saint John is looking for musicians to play their weekly Slack Sabbath series which resumes in the fall. Worthy bands will perform live at Colonel Tucker’s on the UNBSJ campus on Friday afternoon, and the performance is recorded and broadcast live to the world via 107.3FM and
  • A cryptic message on PIG‘s Facebook page suggests they’ve either broken up or will be appearing on the new season of MuchMusic’s Disband. Please, please, please be the latter.
  • Your friends at It’s Alive Records have posted a hefty sampler cleverly entitled Show ‘Em The Hand on their BandCamp page. Pay-whatever-you-feel-like and download 35 sample tracks from the pop punk label’s roster, including The Dopamines, The Creeps, Moncton’s Fear of Lipstick, and The Legendary San Diego Chargers who have a song called, “You Will Find True Love on Flag Day.”
  • Nick Cave’s current musical project Grinderman kick off a North American tour on November 11th in Toronto. Lest we forget – TO ROCK.
  • Vans Warped Tour went from mildly baffling to outright deadly in Kansas. Could it be the result of the combination of 100+ degree heat and the venue charging $10 for water? Sounds plausible to me, but the official investigation into 26-year-old Curtis Alan DeForest’s death is ongoing.
  • There are a few records coming out this fall I’m excited about, one of which is the first solo album from Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney fame. 1000 Years isn’t due out until October, but there’s a preview track up on Pitchfork. “Riley” “Doubt” sounds promising, don’t you think?
  • My boyfriend is jazzed about Small Brown Bike recording a new album for No Idea. I must remember to send him the link for the blog in which the band muses on the minutia of the process.
  • Do you want to hear dance remixes of a bunch of recent Melvins songs? Because you totally can!
  • Last Thurday, Hot Snakes reunited for, like, a second. Here’s a taste, and there’s more on The Daily Swarm.
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