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CHSR Is In Trouble

August 18, 2010

We don’t normally do this, but I wanted to let everyone know that there is an urgent meeting happening on Thursday, August 19th for anyone who would like to see CHSR FM continue to exist. Members past and present as well as anyone else interested in grass-roots participatory media are strongly encouraged to attend.

As some of you know, CHSR has suffered numerous setbacks in recent years with frequent staff turnover, nepotism, a failing music department, and a lack of a functioning volunteer executive. We held a membership meeting last week in attempt to fix some of these problems, but it seems to have only made things worse. We’ve just gotten word that Tom Richmond has resigned from his position as Program Director and will be gone within 30 days.

This is what MCR looked like when I was a programmer ten years ago.

I met the vast majority of my nearest and dearest friends as a direct result of my involvement at CHSR. The station was great once, but right now it is sick, and it needs your help to survive.

Please come to Marshall D’Avery Hall on the UNB campus in Fredericton tonight at 7pm for a brainstorming session and to show your support.

If not, we’ll keep you posted about the best time to hit the dumpsters behind the SUB to score gems from the largest music library east of Montreal. But be warned, I will absolutely cut you for those original Ramones LPs.

*EDIT: That last bit is a joke, of course, but CHSR interim management didn’t find it funny and called us earlier to say that this post is misleading and that everything at the station is “stable.” We also received an email from the station’s executive this morning, however, informing members of other emergency meetings and staff/volunteer resignations, so, yeah.


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