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CHSR Update

August 19, 2010

Remember this fuckin' thing?

In light of yesterday’s post and following tonight’s informal meeting, I feel obliged to post something for everyone who’s been asking us for more information about what’s going on at CHSR.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to share a lot of details. We stand by our earlier post, but the central issue has to do with CHSR’s paid staff, and thus needs to be treated with sensitivity.

In short, some members are deeply concerned with the impending departure of Tom Richmond and its implications for the station’s future. The purpose of the meeting this evening and the one on Friday is to bring attention to ongoing issues of this nature at CHSR.

There is a second meeting scheduled for Friday, August 20th at 7:30pm in room 103 of the SUB on the UNB campus in Fredericton. If you’d like more information about exactly what’s happened this week, this is the best time and place to get it. Outgoing Program Director Tom Richmond will be there and he will provide as much information as possible.

After multiple intrusive encounters on Thursday, we want to make it clear that members of the media are not welcome at this meeting. We apologize for any confusion, but if you wish to interview someone about recent events at CHSR, we suggest you take advantage of the contact information listed on the station’s website.


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