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A Final Note on CHSR

August 23, 2010

After a confusing few days, this will be our final post on this subject.

The meeting on Friday was successful inasmuch as it brought some experienced people (back) into the fray. We’re happy to report that as a result of Friday’s meeting, an ex-Music Director has stepped up and offered to help get that department running again. This is great news.

Unfortunately, as a medium for keeping the station’s membership informed, the meeting was a failure. The concerns we raised here and elsewhere came as a result of direct communications with members of the organization, including outgoing Program Director Tom Richmond. However, Tom’s said very little since. At the meeting on Friday he confirmed he is resigning but won’t publicly say why.

Staff have confirmed the Station Manager did not quit, has not been fired, or otherwise let go, but that there is nevertheless an interim Station Manager acting in her stead. From what little official information has been shared with the membership at this time, it sounds like there may be serious legal implications associated with what’s going on, as everyone with intimate knowledge of the situation has become tight-lipped in recent days, likely with good reason. Drawing further attention to it at this point won’t help.

Management has assured members that the station is in no immediate danger, but that there is much work to be done. Our final words on the matter: we love CHSR (we’ve been involved for a decade now) and we look forward to a time when it’s no longer broken.

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