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Relevant To Your Interests #049

August 26, 2010
  • The Halifax Pop Explosion released their full lineup this week, rounding things out with almost every good band in Halifax and a whole wack of stuff I hadn’t heard of. People whose opinions I usually trust seem pretty jazzed about the addition of White Wires and Ty Segall, and I’m sure glad talented locals like Cold Warps, Bloodhouse, and Bad Vibrations aren’t being left out. If you’re ā€“ like me ā€“ trying to firm up travel plans and accommodations, the festival schedule will be out on September 14th.
  • So, you might have heard American Apparel looks to be circling the drain? Their stock is tanking and the NYSE is threatening to de-list them because they haven’t filed financial documents for the preceding quarter. I took an intersession economics class once, I got a C-. Anyway. Exclaim articulates the question I’ve had in the back of my mind since I first heard about AA’s troubles: what does all this mean for band merch? Dov Charney is gross and probably not a good CEO, but please, please, please let’s not go back to the days when every band only sold huge “unisex” shirts. The horror of underfed 17-year-old me romping around in an XL Gilden shirt with an SNFU logo on it need not be assumed by future generations. Please, Dov, think of the children.
  • The Weakerthans announced they’re playing four of their albums in their entirety at four shows happening at various venues around Winnipeg in December.
  • Ted Leo: funny motherfucker.
  • Carrie Brownstein of NPR’s Monitor Mix blog and formerly of Sleater-Kinney is developing a comedy show with current SNL cast member and one-time Mike Catano face punch recipient Fred Armisen. Portlandia will air on IFC.
  • Jim Jarmusch is making a documentary about The Stooges.
  • Maximum Rocknroll had a good post this week about the importance of handmade show fliers.
  • Here’s Male Bonding‘s new video for “Weird Feelings.” I’m not head-over-heels for this band, but they’re definitely one of my better discoveries so far in 2010. I’m probably not trying very hard.
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  1. September 8, 2010 2:34 pm

    hmmm other than the odd transit system not sure what this refers too. Lucky me :D

    “Sometimes Fredericton feels like a cultural wasteland of torpid suburbia, shitty transit service, bands in bars all sounding the same, corporate media interests masquerading as an alternative voice, and plenty of small-town conservatism.”


  1. The Dream of the 90s « Gunshy

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