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Relevant To Your Interests #050

October 7, 2010

2008 concert aftermath - Jon Tattire photo

  • Power Promotional Events – the company responsible for all those big, dumb concerts on the Halifax Commons in recent years – has gone out of business. Who will get those juicy government subsidies now? I suggest HRM and the Province of Nova Scotia distribute vast sums of cash between The Khyber Institute and OBEY Convention.
  • Jonas Colter, proprietor of the Evolve Festival and gig poster freedom fighter, is reportedly opening a yoga studio in Fredericton on the former site of the worst venue in Canada.
  • This week in Steve Albini news, the man could use some help paying off the mortgage on his studio. Here, also, is a list of things he gripes about in a recent interview with GQ Magazine: Sonic Youth, the 90s, mainstream culture, the music industry, the fashion industry, GQ Magazine.
  • Someone’s finally doing something about Weezer.
  • Download The Stolen Minks’ EP Hit & Run from their Bandcamp page for free!
  • Despite the lazy inclusion of the H-word in the headline, The Coast has a nice roundup of Matador’s “Lost Weekend” which happened in Las Vegas last week. This was a three-day long 21st birthday party for the label, and included performances from nearly every noteworthy band who ever graced their roster. It couldn’t possibly have been as much fun as the reviewer makes it sound, but that Ted Leo fella sounds like a royal hoot.
  • The Future of Music Coalition‘s annual summit in DC also happened last weekend. Panelists included Craig Finn (The Hold Steady), Brendan Canty (Fugazi), and Spott Philpott (Merge Records). The Washington City Paper has some highlights.
  • Our comrades-in-arms at CFMH (Saint John) and CKDU (Halifax) are both in the midst of annual fund drives. Nothing says “I love you” like cutting a cheque, so please give from the heart.
  • Isn’t it weird how Soundgarden’s recent greatest hits album sold over a million copies in a time when nobody but your grandma buys CDs anymore? Oh wait, it’s because the RIAA included all the copies of the album Activision purchased to give away with the latest Guitar Hero game. Good one, entertainment industry.
  • Steve Hyden of The AV Club does a much better job of articulating what I was trying to get at here in his new series about the 90s called “What Ever Happened to Alternative Nation?” The inaugural edition tackles the cultural wasteland that was mainstream music in 1990 and embeds the video for Paula Abdul’s duet with MC Skat Kat “Opposites Attract” to help illustrate this point. Watch. Remember. Shudder.
  • Pissed Jeans recently phoned in a music video for the lead track from 2009’s King of Jeans. What a bunch of nice young men.
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