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Aimee’s Christmas Playlist Thinger

December 21, 2010

I was trying to address this post correctly and by saying something like “hey all you Government office slaves” or “hey all you unemployed artists at the library” but couldn’t figure out a good meet between the two so hey all you average people just living your average lives – I have a holiday mix that is probably worse than last year!

Luckily, this time you get to skip through songs that grate at your ear drums, must be nice!

I have not been in the Christmas spirit and the fact that I’ve still been comfortable in pantyhose on my walks to work only continues that problem. But regardless, listen to Tom Waits yell about hookers and enjoy Crocodile & Dum Dum Girls hoping you don’t die around the holidays. Keep up the good work, Christmas Music.

Aimee’s Christmas Playlist Thinger


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