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2010 – The Shows

January 2, 2011

Now that 2010 is over, it’s time for cataloguing and soforth. Part one here is the shows. Then, to be posted later in the week: the records and the miscellany. Stay tuned!

In some ways it was a bit of an arid year for me in terms of live music. It was, however, the year when we here at Gunshy started putting on shows in Fredericton, helping to get a new venue established for the city, so, those shows count for quite a bit of this chronologically-ordered list. Anyway, my most-memorable shows of 2010:

Photo by Meredith Snider

Pierre Bastien, Gallery Connexion, Fredericton: This show, put on by our friend Eric as part of his Surgery concert series, was the first I’d ever heard of this guy. It was also the first time I went to Gallery Connexion’s current location. Pierre Bastien is a French composer/performer who uses rudimentary machines as an improvised orchestra, creating strange music from assembled non-musical objects. He had a whole table full of bits of metal and small mechanisms, various strips, strings, and pipes, and he had a camera feed projecting what he was doing on the wall behind him, creating a performance that was as interesting musically as it was visually. Some words and videos can be seen here.

Play Guitar, The Capital, Fredericton: This was an early stop on their spring/summer tour, just before they appeared at the Obey Convention in Halifax. They had copies of their then-not-yet-released album with them and played some of the songs to me and like five other people. Private shows, great stuff.

The Trick & Gary Flanagan, Gallery Connexion, Fredericton: This was Gary Flanagan’s first performance in Fredericton in some time, and he didn’t disappoint. It was also the second Gunshy show. The event was a release party for The Trick’s album Krautrock, and after Gary’s performance, he played a set of new and old material for a supportive crowd.

Photo by Trip Lewis

Rockets Red Glare, Uncle Larry’s, Sackville: If I’d seen only one show this year, it could have been this and I’d be happy. These guys reunited early in the year and played a couple of shows – including the amazing Blue Skies Turn Black 10th anniversary show – but, I was away at the time and thought I’d missed the chance to see them. Lucky me, though, they played a set at Sappyfest and I got to see it. Photos and words here.

Dog Day, Reneu Boutique, Fredericton: I saw the now-two-piece Dog Day twice this summer, actually. Once at Sappyfest, and then this smaller, sweatier show. The Sappyfest performance was one of their first as a two-piece, and, admittedly, I didn’t catch on to their new sound right away, but by the time of this show I had a better appreciation for what they were doing.

Celestial City 2010, Gallery Connexion, Fredericton: At some point during the summer, we had the idea to put on a festival. And then we made it happen. September 15th through 18th, we staged a bunch of things that could have been entries here unto themselves – performances by Bad Vibrations, Union of the Snake, Adam Mowery and the Giants of Industry, The Kamalas, and more; plus the first performance by new Fredericton band Physics for Poets, the only Maritime screening of No Fun City (!), and a Yo Rodeo art exhibit (!) – but, I list the whole festival as one entry because it was a statement in-and-of itself, and is at its strongest when viewed as a whole.

Anha & Data Cave, Gallery Connexion, Fredericton: Another one we did at Connexion. Spazzy freakout noise and rumbling doom on the same bill. No local opener, and not much of a crowd, but, the bands were great and it was one of my favourites.

The Famines, Gallery Connexion, Fredericton: These dudes put on one of the most memorable live performances yet at Connexion and had a lot of cool things to say about making your stuff happen DIY.

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  1. January 2, 2011 6:23 pm

    Further to the point of the Famines (and I guess shows in general), they recently published this pamphlet, which I think Raymond discussed when they were in town:

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