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2010 – The Miscellany

January 7, 2011

Best thing found too late (i.e. from other peoples’ lists):

Barn Owl – Ancestral Star. A dark, beautiful psychedelic doom record built, essentially, on guitar. It’s sparse, but remarkably dense at the same time, really nailing that American desert-drone-rock thing but also going off in other etherial directions.


Janelle Monáe – “Tightrope.”

Also the year’s best dance move.


Janelle Monáe – “Tightrope.” A pretty amazing track from this up-and-coming sensation. See above.

Dog Day – “Part Girl.” A great new song by the two-piece incarnation of Dog Day.

Panda Bear singles – “Tomboy,” “Slow Motion,” “You Can Count on Me,” etc. More of the trippy sound he does best.

Kyü – “Pixiphony.” This enticing song makes an impression, and maybe the rest of this Australian duo’s debut is good, too, but, someone seems to be doing their best to make it hard to find; even removing all the videos of the band that show up on Youtube, for whatever reason.

Crystal Antlers – “Summer Solstice.” Bit of a mellower groove for them, but it sounds great.

Deerhunter – “Desire Lines.” The standout track from Halycon Digest.

Antony doing the Oneohtrix Point Never track “Returnal.” This worked unbelievably well.

Games – “Everything is Working.” Their debut single. A great track not included on their debut EP.

Besnard Lakes – “Like the Ocean, Like the Innocent Pt 2.: The Innocent.” A grandiose head-nodder.

The Clientele – “Minotaur.” More of what this band does so well. Guess they didn’t break up.

Crystal Castles – “Celestica.” This record had a bunch of good songs, come to think of it.

Due out 2011:

Panda Bear full-length. Based on the singles he released this year, it’s likely going to be awesome.

Tim Hecker – Ravedeath, 1972. Safe to assume it’ll be quite excellent. Due out mid-February.

Fujiya & Miyagi – Ventriloquizzing. New sounds from this deadpan dance outfit are due later this month.

Death – ? The band’s announced that they are going to release another batch of their unreleased recordings from the early/mid seventies.

Re-emergences in 2010:

Edwyn Collins – Losing Sleep. His first record entirely written and performed after the 2005 brain hemorrhages which left him initially unable to even speak. He’s backed up by a number of noteworthy collaborators on this record, and the whole thing is made more poignant by the fact that, despite coming a long way, he’s not fully recovered, and the signs of his affliction are still evident in his voice.

Gil Scott Heron – I’m New Here. A collection of songs, spoken verses, and fragments of conversations that offer an intimate experience of a charismatic artist whose legend and reputation often precede him. It’s a short record, but weighty and difficult to forget.

Surprised to say it, but, meh:

The National – High Violet.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs.

Russian Futurists – Weight’s on the Wheels.

Sun Kil Moon – Admiral Fell Promises.

Tokyo Police Club – Champ.

Passed over:

Salem. Still not getting it.

Kanye West did some things, evidently?

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  1. January 7, 2011 8:04 pm

    Janelle Monáe has come from another planet to school all of us on fashion and dance. She’s a miracle breakthrough in the field of sex appeal, and most importantly, she is the anti-Bieber.

    • passerine songs permalink*
      January 8, 2011 11:42 am

      Anti-Bieber, totally.

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