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Recently Added: Ocean Towers

February 23, 2011

I first became aware of Ocean Towers about two years ago and liked them right away based on what I heard on their MySpace. They were brand new at that point and I was very interested to see how their sound would evolve. I was excited to learn their EP Chapter One was available for free on their BandCamp page and I’m listening as I type this.

Named for Halifax’s most notoriously bedbug-infested apartment complex, Ocean Towers churns out slow, doom-y, stoner rock with the occasional weird synth sound. The guitar parts are a lot more noodle-y than I like, and I’m having a hard time getting past the way in which the singer sort of, and I mean vaguely, sounds like Paul Stanley. It’s a thought I had while listening to “Echo” and now I can’t un-hear the similarity. The only thing that really moves me about about this is the bass. The lines are mostly simple, Sabbath-y, and all the right things, but it’s not enough to make me fall in love with the EP.

I couldn’t find any concert footage, so here’s a promotional video for the apartment complex. Don’t live there!

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