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March 12, 2011

It was reported yesterday that Paul Andrews – better known as Paul Di’Anno, former singer for Iron Maiden – has been sentenced to jail time in the UK for benefit fraud.

Di’Anno sang on the first two Iron Maiden albums and then left the band in 1981, just before their international breakthrough. After his departure, the band turned a new page and entered into a period of success and influence that would last the rest of the ’80s and onward. Di’Anno went on to front a number of bands over the years, but, never to such acclaim as for his work in Iron Maiden. His career has long been hampered by problems with drugs and alcohol, mismanagement, poor decisions, infighting, etc., which not only contributed to his departure from Iron Maiden, but have relegated him to the role of an unfortunate character ever since.

Di’Anno’s contribution to Iron Maiden remains impressive, though, essential even, for some. The band have never captured the same rawness that they had with Di’Anno on vocals, and it’s interesting to wonder how things would have gone for them if he’d stuck around.

Anyway, some of Di’Anno’s finest moments:

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