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September 15, 2011

While the twentieth edition of this column is being prepared, here are all the previous ones, revised, with new and updated links:

Edition #1 – Attempt at a Definition: Punk and What Came After.

Edition #2 – 1977 or So: Television.

Edition #3 – This is Pop: XTC.

Edition #4 – Perhaps Some other Aeon: Cocteau Twins.

Edition #5 – Welcome the New Soul Vision: Dexys Midnight Runners.

Edition #6 – Dissonance: Glenn Branca.

Edition #7 – American Gothic: Death Rock.

Edition #8 – To Cut a Long Story Short: The New Romanticism.

Edition #9 – Postcard of Scotland, Part One: Aztec Camera.

Edition #10 – Postcard of Scotland, Part Two: Orange Juice and Josef K.

Edition #11 – Getting Frantic on the Panic Train: The Screamers.

Edition #12 – Punk For Beginners?: Kukl.

Edition #13 – All Against All: DAF.

Edition #14 – Dance This Mess Around: The B-52′s.

Edition #15 – Urgh! A Music War.

Edition #16 – Rise and Shine: The Wake.

Edition #17 – Sons and Fascination: Simple Minds.

Edition #18 – Savage Sea: The Pop Group.

Edition #19 – But All With Strings Attached: Gang of Four.

And a taste of what’s coming up in the twentieth and twenty-first editions:


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